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Wages and Benefits


New Drivers can expect to earn approx $.56 - $.62 cpm. This is an average and includes accessorial pay and performance pay.

Compensation for each employee will be presented at orientation. 

Pay pay, tarp pay, drop & pick pay, fill freight pay, unload & load pay, performance pay, OD pay, fuel mgmt pay, US border crossing pay, holiday pay, detention time pay, lay over pay, minimum long haul weekly pay, 

  • 83% of Full Time Long Haul Drivers in 2019 earned over $70,000
  • 33% of Full Time Long Haul Drivers in 2019 earned over $80,000
  • 22% of Full Time Long Haul Drivers in 2019 earned over $85,000
  • 11% of Full Time Long Haul Drivers in 2019 earned over $90,000


  • Weekly pay

  • Driver Holiday pay is $50 - Holidays include New Years Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Employees are eligible for the following benefits following 2 full calendar months of employment.


  • Humana Health, Dental, Vision Insurance - Partially paid by Kaiser

  • Short term disability - 100% Paid for by Kaiser

  • Term Life Insurance - 100% Paid for by Kaiser. Additional term life is available for employee and their spouse at employee's expense.

PTO (Paid Time Off)

  • 5 days after 1 year

  • 10 days after 3 years

  • 15 days after 7 years

  • PTO is determined by your previous year's gross divided by 52 weeks.

Other Benefits

  • Cintas Uniform Program - Partially paid by Kaiser

  • Pet Policy (Deposit required)

  • Company car use

  • Payroll advance loans

  • Quit smoking cash incentive

  • Employee and customer referral plan

  • Rider/Passenger Policy

Kaiser Transport, Inc. makes the above benefits available so our employees can support and his/her family. These benefits make an environment where the employee can be productive and devoted when he is at work, taking away a lot of stress and worries of providing insurance, retirement and income. These fringe benefits also provide a chance for the employee to get away from work, to get refreshed and rejuvenated periodically.

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