Wages and Benefits

  1. Compensation for each employee will be presented at orientation.    
    • Paychecks will be issued every week on Friday for the preceding week.
    • Management will review compensation of an employee on an annual basis.
    • New Drivers can expect to make approx $.56 - $.62cpm. This is an average and includes performance pay.
  2. Benefits (Company Driver): The employee will be eligible for the following benefits on the first of the month following 2 full calendar months of employment.
    1. Health Insurance - Humana
      • Employer pays portion of premium
    2. Dental Insurance - Humana
    3. Vision Insurance- EyeMed Vision Insurance Plan
    4. Life Insurance , Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
      • Paid for in full by Kaiser Transport, Inc.
      • Additional Term Life Insurance available at employees cost
    5. Short Term Disability Insurance - $200 week for 12 weeks
      • Paid for in full by Kaiser Transport, Inc.
    6. Vacations
      • 1 week after 1 year
      • 2 weeks after 3 years
      • 3 weeks after 7 years
      • (Vacation Pay for driver is the weekly average gross pay of the past 52 weeks)
    7. Holiday Pay - Employees will receive regular pay (Drivers will receive $50 pay) for the following Holidays: New Years Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day
    8. Personal Time Off: Leave of Absence – Personal Time off requests MUST be submitted to management at least two (2) weeks in advance. Written requests are the best but verbal requests will be accepted. Management will do their best to accommodate these requests depending on freight and other business demands.
    9. DOT Physicals and DOT Drug Tests: Kaiser Transport, Inc. will pay for all DOT required Drug Tests that it has the employee take – except for follow-up tests required for a positive test result. Kaiser Transport, Inc. will pay for all DOT required physicals after the employee has been working for Kaiser Transport, Inc. for twelve (12) consecutive months.
    10. Uniforms: Kaiser will offer drivers the option to take part in our uniform program that we currently have through Cintas. Kaiser will pay approximately half the cost of the uniforms.
    11. Passenger/Ride-A-Long Policy. 
    12. All of our trucks are equipped with Pre-Pass; I-Pass; EZ-Pass and Pike-Pass transponders to make our driver's life a little easier. We communicate with our drivers via a company supplied cell phone.
  3. Kaiser Transport, Inc. makes the above fringe benefits available to their Employees to provide a job that can support the employee and his/her family. These benefits make an environment where the employee can be productive and devoted employee when he is at work, taking away a lot of stress and worries of providing insurance, retirement and income. These fringe benefits also provide a chance for the employee to get away from work, to get refreshed and rejuvenated periodically to make him/her a more productive employee.