Trucks & Equipment | Kaiser Transport, Inc. Open-Deck LTL Freight

Kaiser Trucks & Equipment

Kaiser Transport, Inc. takes pride in our fleet of late model, top of the line air-ride trucks. 

We outfit the trucks with...

  • APUs to minimize idling time which decrease truck downtime
  • 18 speed transmissions
  • Cummins ISX 15 Engines
  • GPS units
  • Built in refrigerator
  • Remote control CD, AM, FM/Satellite radios
  • Air-ride seats
  • Extra lights

The drivers choose the color of their trucks and are allowed to customize their rides with, lights and vinyl lettering. Kaiser Transport, Inc. maintains its' fleet mechanically and cosmetically to provide a dependable and reliable means of freight transportation and an image that our customers and drivers deserve. We replace the equipment on a regular basis to maintain the high quality image that has become synonymous with Kaiser.

Kaiser Transport, Inc. has custom built bulkheads (droms) installed on the trucks to store the equipment that our drivers need to tarp and secure freight. Kaiser uses high quality commercial tarps to best protect freight. Tarps also have front and rear flaps, and other features allowing our driver to completely tarp their load. They also carry a variety of industry approved securements that allow them to secure all shapes and sizes of freight.

Kaiser uses late model Reitnouer 48ft, 102" wide Aluminum Air-ride Step-Deck and Double-Drop Trailers. These trailers are equipped with rear spread axles with air gauges and dump values. These aluminum trailers allow Kaiser Transport, Inc. to legally haul up to 48,000 lbs of freight. 

The deck has 4 nailing strips

Movable risers

Movable securement brackets

The trailers are equipped with... 

  • Four nailing strips
  • Movable risers that can level off the top deck.
  • Securement brackets that can be placed anywhere on the trailer to provide the best location to attach the straps and chains to properly secure the freight.
  • Extra ratchets and securement locations built into the trailer. 

These custom built trailers are some of the best in the industry. That commitment to quality equipment provide our customer confidence that their freight will be handled and secured professionally and also makes our driver's job of securing the freight safe and efficient.

Kaiser's terminals are equipped with custom made "Tarp Spreaders" that keep the driver's from climbing on the freight to open up the tarps. 

The "Tarp Spreaders" also keep the heavy rolled up tarps from being placed on top of the freight which can cause damage. This special equipment is yet another way that Kaiser provides the service that our customers expect and deserve. It also makes our driver's job easier and safer- allowing them to stay on the ground to tarp the freight.

We are always striving to provide the best service at the best price to our customers!